“With the exception of commisssioned portraits, my choice of subject matter for paintings is largely intuitive. I don’t always know why a particular doorway beckons or a bowl of fruit speaks to me. Sometimes, the subject relates to something I’ve read,  music listened to, or  a movie or museum exhibit I’ve seen.

Light and shadow remind me of the duality of the world we live in, and I am continuously inspired by the way light models form.  I’m usually  drawn to parts of the whole rather than the larger landscape. There are panoramas around us all the time, but I like to focus my own as well as  the viewers’ attention on the often overlooked details that make-up the macro picture. To me, painting is much like writing poetry. As a poet chooses words to concisely convey feelings about a situation, object, or emotion, so a painter selects an economy of line, shapes and colors that express his or her feelings about the subject matter viewed or conjured. I find it infinitely rewarding, yet also challenging, to be able to explore and create intimate visual records of my feelings about the fragments that form my world.”

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